Why Buy Art?

Why Buy Art?

May 17, 2016

“Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life.” ~ Pablo Picasso

“I started collecting art... simply because I wanted pictures to hang on the wall. I noticed what a difference a picture could make to the ambience of a room, and indeed how shifting work around could change a room's whole feeling.” ~ Michael Audain

Everyone has their own very personal reason for purchasing a piece of art. It may evoke pleasant feelings or memories, inspire and encourage or bring needed peace and calmness. An image, whether a photo or painting or another type of art, like sculpture, can stimulate, awaken or arouse our minds and spirits. A piece of art can bring a pop of color to an interior space or brighten a room.  Art can make walls smile! Art can soothe our weary souls and promote tranquility and relaxation.

“To Own a piece of work done by an Artist is to possess one of their facets, one of the windows of their life…”  ~ David Dory

“The appeal of the esthetic is an important motive for most art collectors. Colour, texture and line evoke a response, and one wishes to own the picture and look at it often.” ~ Alicia Craig Faxon

“Art is a living river that runs through our time and will run on as long as art is created and appreciated. To purchase a painting [or work of art] is to take a dipper full of the river home to constantly be refreshed with the energy of life.” ~ Stewart Turcotte

Whatever your exact reason, as Dan Fear says, “Buy art because you like it and because it moves you, and because it enhances your life.”